Go!Gaming starts collaboration with clothing brand Black Bananas

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Go!Gaming Partnership

Go!Gaming is closing a multi-year partnership with Black Bananas, the clothing brand that turned sports-inspired street style into a worldwide household name. The entire Go!Gaming staff will be dressed in Black Bananas shirts and sweaters.
Starting in October 2022, all employees in the Go!Gaming centers will proudly wear shirts and sweaters by Black Bananas. The trendy clothing brand fits perfectly with both the crew that will be wearing it and our gamers who visit the Go!Gaming centers.

The Transformer Monkey

Combining their exploration of street style culture and signature sports designs, they are revolutionizing Black Bananas supporters and community around the world. Inspired by the concepts of transformation and renewal, the Black Bananas Transformer Monkey logo was born, representing strength, power and leadership.

Join the Nation, Transform the Generation

Black Bananas' goal is to educate, inspire and motivate future generations. Develop and grow in their own strength while wearing our innovative designs. Feel at ease in breathable fabrics with colourful details and experience feeling on top of the world. Development and personal growth are important pillars that Go!Gaming stands for. Besides the social gaming outing, Go!Gaming is also a platform to develop your talent in gaming and Esports. Matthijs Vink, management Go!Gaming: "We want to be relevant and innovative in as many areas as possible, Black Bananas is a very popular brand among young people which fits our target group and values of Go!Gaming, I am confidently looking forward to this wonderful cooperation and the fun activations around it."