Mother's Day

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Meet the team of Black Bananas and their Family

For this Mother's day special we interviewed and shot photos of our colleagues Emiliano and Melanie. Emiliano is on the pictures with his Mom Saskia. Melanie is on the pictures with her daughter Djani, almost 4yo, and son Dwayne, almost 2 yo.

Saskia & Emiliano

What is the biggest challenge you faced as a mother and how did you overcome it?

Saskia: Being a young single mom. But staying strong and with a lot of help from family, we managed.

How has motherhood changed you as a person?

Saskia: Your child is suddenly your priority instead of yourself as person. I learned to be more responsible at a young age.

What is the most rewarding part of being a mother? 

Saskia: The love your child gives you is unconditional. 

What advice would you give to a new mother?

Saskia: Follow your own instinct always. Stay positive and try to be calm in difficult situations.

Melanie & Djani & Dwayne

What is your favorite memory with your mom?

Djani: Going on Holiday! Swimming in the pool, going to the beach, and eating ice creams all day.

What is the funniest thing your mom has ever said or done?

Djani: Mom called me 'Juna', haha. This is the name of our niece. Dwayne calls me Juna because he cannot say my name yet. He says it so often that Mom got confused to.

What is something your mom always says to you?

Djani: Mom always tell me to listen better and i should use my ears. I talk too much, "Kwebbelkous".

What is the one thing you would like to say to your mom to show her how much you appreciate her?

Djani: You may never leave, love you!

Dwayne: Gives a lot of hugs and sticky kisses.

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