Black Bananas and Dylan Hoogerwerf teamed up to create the first ever tattooed varsity jacket.


We are rooted in the streets, where we learned to appreciate the concrete that became the canvas for street art. Therefore, the Black Bananas FW23 collection is called Work of Art.

More than anything else we are sports inspired and that is the reason we wanted to create a project to connect sport and art. Some even say that sport is art!

Dylan Hoogerwerf, a well-known short track speed skater, three-time European champion with the 5000-meter relay team. A silver medal individually at the European championship in 2017 and three-time Dutch national champion. Dylan stopped professional skating in 2022 to pursue new dreams as tattoo artist. He is a multi-talent, producing music and fastest growing tattoo illustrator on Instagram and TikTok. Transforming his highly appreciated tattoo designs into art pieces in an Amsterdam tattoo shop. Working with Dylan we were able to connect sport and art.

Black Bananas and Dylan Hoogerwerf teamed up to create the first ever tattooed varsity jacket. The trial-and-error process on this project takes us back one year ago when we started to select the finest piece of leather and processed it with the help of our specialist friends from Leatherbox.com and the Leather Fashion Academy. After several trials Dylan managed to find a way to ink the leather and that was the green light to create ten leather sleeves for five handmade varsity jackets. All tattoos represent Dylan’s personal taste and story.

We are proud to give three of these jackets to some special artists that are close to both Dylan and Black Bananas. The names will be revealed soon.

Working with Dylan we can say that sport is art and art is sport!

Limited Edition
As a special addition to this project, we decided to create a limited-edition version of the handmade jackets. One hundred varsity jackets with embroidered tattoo sleeves. We added a leather, numbered label tattooed by Dylan. This version is now available at our online shop and in our Black Bananas store in the Mall of the Netherlands.

Live Tattooing
Visit our Black Bananas store at the Westfield Mall of The Netherlands this weekend to see Dylan Hoogerwerf in action. Would you like to get a flash tattoo as well? Buy a jacket and get one for free!


Westfield Mall of The Netherlands
Rozemarijn 9
2262 AH, Leidschendam

December 16th | 15:00 - 18:00