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For the SS23 collection we take you on a journey to Monaco.

With this collection ‘Monaco Memories’ we want to share the memories we made during this journey.


During the daytime we walked in the summer breeze through the harbor of Monaco, overwhelmed by the luxury and glamourous lifestyle is typical for this country. We watched the big and luxury yachts in the harbor, and the rich and wealthy people, watching the Grand Prix from their yachts. We saw the formula 1 cars racing through the streets. We visited the ATP tennis tournaments with a view on the sea. During the nights we spend some time in the Monte Carlo Casino to take a gamble and spend some time in a luxury club.


In this collection you will find colors, artworks and details inspired by themes which are typical for Monaco, especially the Grand Prix, the ATP and the luxury lifestyle are themes we focused on. You will find these themes in both drops; in drop 1 as a transition from winter to summer, with still a lot of tracksuits and sweatsuits. In drop 2 as a high summer drop, with mostly short summer sets. Off course the drops can be completed with complimentary accessories such as jackets, accessories, slides, caps and hats.


This collection is full of luxury but easy, vacation worthy styles for sunny days and dreamy summer nights. The collection will be launched at the beginning of February 2023.

Stay tuned and Enjoy!




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