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    Sign up to be a BB Member and save points with every order you place. You can collect points for engaging with BB, for example like us on social media.

    You can see the points saved by you on this page.

    You can spend points on discount and free products. Check out the member page for more detailed info on the rewards.

    Your points can be redeemed during check out. Make sure you are logged into your account before you head to the check out. At checkout you will have the option to select the reward you would like to redeem your points for. The discount or free product will be visible before you go to the next step and pay your order.  

    If you have any problems redeeming your points, please send us an e-mail so we can help you out! 

    You can also collect points in our flagship store in the Mall of The Netherlands. To do so make sure you keep your receipt. Go to the rewards page after your in-store purchase. Go to the section ‘ways to redeem points’ and scroll down to ‘Upload your BB Receipt’. Follow the steps for uploading a photo of your receipt.

    Our support team will review your submission within two working days and grant/deny your points. You will receive an e-mail from our team when finalized.

    Points will be given for round euros. For example 199,95 are 199 points.  

    Points will be added to your account after your purchase has been dispatched from our warehouse. The points are deducted for returned items after receival at our warehouse.

    Birthday points are given if your Birthdate is saved at your account at least two days prior to your Birthday.

    Silver and Gold tier members will earn double point on new collection items is the first 4-6 weeks after the launch. If you are unsure if your orders/products are eligible, please send us an e-mail. 

    You will move up a tier 14 days after your order. The delay is caused by our send and return program.

    The reward of 300 points for 2 purchases can be earned by placing two orders of each €100 or up.

    If you collect enough points, you can exchange the points for discount. Please note the discount codes can be used on orders with a minimum spend:
    100 points - €5 - minimum spend €50
    200 points - €10 - minimum spend €120
    300 points - €15 - minimum spend €150
    400 points - €20 - minimum spend €180
    600 points - €30 - minimum spend €250

    Give your friends €20 off on their first order of €120+ and get €20 (in points) for each successful referral.

    You can only send a referral link to a friend who does not have a membership account yet at Black Bananas and places his/her first order. 

    The points will be added to your account after your friend's order left our warehouse. 

    As a gold member you have the exclusive chance to win festival tickets or a complete new outfit worth €250. To win you will receive an e-mail invite to participate in the raffle.  

    Our loyalty program is an automated system that hands out, or deducts points based on your transactions and actions on our site. No manual work or adjustments are made. 

    If manual assistance is needed please reach out to our support team.