the First Women's Collection

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30/07/2021 3 min read

Who run the world? Inspired by all the powerful women around the world.

Message form the founder: The FW20 Women's campaign marks a new milestone for black bananas. As its first official collection for women. With this collection and the pastel hues we used. We would like to empower young women. Women of all backgrounds, and women of all professions to highlight that they are the one's who run the world.

Women from all walks of life are filled with passion, motivation, and perseverance. We are here to highlight and celebrate this.

- Wesley Balnikker

Who run the world?

For our first ever Women's collection, we were inspired by the strength and beauty of powerful women from around the world. No matter where you come from, what your background of ethnicity is, women are the one's that run the world.

To celebrate this idea, we worked with an inspiring young woman and upcoming model: mo-yccia handley. It was a pleasure to shoot this collection solely on here, and not only highlight this collection but also her beauty.

The collection feature pastel colours such as mint green, a rosy pink, aqua green, and warm red hues with fleece and jogging fabrics for comfort that lasts all day.

Every women's succes should be an inspiration to another.
We're strongest when we cheer each other on.
- Serena Williams