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48hrs IBIZA

As we open our eyes
We see the sun settling upon the horizon.

An island surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
With an eclectic style that merges so harmoniously.
With the short time that we have left, we can experience freedom, drifting towards the mystical rock of Es Vedra.
Where the free minded learned how to innovate the Balearic waves into the mystical sounds of the island.

As the day transforms into night
The Led lights become the sunlight of the moon. Where the peace turns into the wildness

Uplifting people from all over the world to experience the most epic parties with legendary DJ's and spectacular light shows.

And when the day breaks after 48hrs, it all came to be

You see at Black Bananas, we believe that life is about experiences, and there's no better place than on the magical island of Ibiza. Inspired by the vibrant energy and free spirit of this island, we bring you a range of high-quality clothing that embodies the essence of the pursuit of passion.

We've learned how to spend our 48hrs to the fullest. And now it's your time....